Saturday, September 4, 2010


• Reliance mutual fund launch a new scheme name reliance small cap fund benchmark for this fund is BSE small cap index.
• NFO is open till 9 September 2010.
• In my view RELIANCE MUTUAL FUND is a fund house with great brand name of reliance so small investor easily attracts with NFO so no doubt that NFO collect huge fund in this scheme.
• Last year in same time reliance mutual fund launch reliance infrastructure fund so now we check latest NAV of reliance infrastructure fund
• Click this link for check NAV of reliance infrastructure fund
We found NAV 11.70 so reliance infrastructure fund give near about 14 % return in one year and nifty or sensex give near about 20 % return in a year so this fund clear underperform the market.
• I am not against to invest in reliance small cap fund , but I think we should buy it or make a SIP in reliance small cap fund in correction when this fund NAV may be fall below 10.
• if this happen then I inform you in this blog
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