Saturday, September 4, 2010


• Reliance mutual fund launch a new scheme name reliance small cap fund benchmark for this fund is BSE small cap index.
• NFO is open till 9 September 2010.
• In my view RELIANCE MUTUAL FUND is a fund house with great brand name of reliance so small investor easily attracts with NFO so no doubt that NFO collect huge fund in this scheme.
• Last year in same time reliance mutual fund launch reliance infrastructure fund so now we check latest NAV of reliance infrastructure fund
• Click this link for check NAV of reliance infrastructure fund
We found NAV 11.70 so reliance infrastructure fund give near about 14 % return in one year and nifty or sensex give near about 20 % return in a year so this fund clear underperform the market.
• I am not against to invest in reliance small cap fund , but I think we should buy it or make a SIP in reliance small cap fund in correction when this fund NAV may be fall below 10.
• if this happen then I inform you in this blog


Anonymous said...


Just being curious, whose pics are these in your blogs these days


mahesh chander kaushik said...

respected PJ sir,
pics shown in this post are my daughters in janmastami dress.
and in other post where you see a lady which is my wife, so normally i use my family members photo as model for my blogs because there pics is free for me.

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