Sunday, October 23, 2011


Icici direct now launch target investment plan (TIP) i think this is much better than systematic investment plan (SIP) so i give a funny name to TIP that SIP ka bap ( means father of SIP).
What is TIP
TIP means targeted investment plan
This is a automatic monthly investment which allow you set your returns and goal.
Automatic system auto calculate each month investment amount it is lower when market is high and higher when market is low.
Target investment plan returns always higher then systematic investment plans.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Goldman Sachs bank bees ETF

1. In ETF I always like index base ETF because they are more transparent and easy to track pricing and volume in index ETF is also higher than other ETF.
2. So in banking sector , I think we may avoid banking stocks at least 2 year read detail article on banking stocks in this link
3. But if you are plan to investing in a SIP method than my choice is Goldman Sachs bank bees ETF which is a mixture of 12 top PSU and private banks like SBI , ICICI , HDFC , PNB , OBC, KOTAK MAHINDRA etc.
4. Each unit of GS Bank BeES is approximately 1/10th of the CNX Bank Index ( also known as bank nifty in market ) means when you buy one unit in GS Bank BeES your investment is included in all of these’s bank stock which is part of CNX bank index
5. See this link for composition of CNX bank index ( bank nifty)
6. ISIN code for bank bees is INF732E01078
7. I advise you to read book ETFs and Indexing for understanding that why I recommended ETF Download your free copy of e- book on ETF name “ETFs and Indexing” from these links
Part one
Part two
8. On more interesting thing that you also get dividends if you hold units of benchmark ETF; s.
9. I have no any unit of bank bees.

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