Saturday, March 19, 2011


1. Motilal oswal launch a new ETF name MOSt SHARES NASDAQ 100
2. MOSt SHARES NASDAQ 100 is India first US shares base ETF.
3. So now you can invest and trade in US companies through this ETF in Indian rupee.
4. NFO of MOSt SHARES NASDAQ 100 is open at 16 march 2011 and closed on 23 March 2011
5. this ETF trade in Indian market base on real time NAV during market hours so You can now access US stocks like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Intel, Dell, Starbucks, Yahoo and many more that are part of NASDAQ-100.
6. So my view is positive for MOSt SHARES NASDAQ 100.
HOW NAV OF MOSt SHARES NASDAQ 100 CALCULATED:- Now I explain how NAV of this ETF calculated suppose value of nasdaq 100 index is 2200 and exchange rate 1USD=45 Indian rupee so they multiply value of nasdaq100 and exchange rate 2200x45=99000 then divided it from 1000 to 99000/1000=99 is NAV of ETF.
8. This is not an investment advice contact your financial adviser and read risk factors in prospectus of this scheme .

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