Saturday, December 3, 2011

JM Small and Mid-Cap Fund is merged with JM Multi Strategy Fund.

Most of investors ask me performance of JM Small and Mid-Cap Fund .
some of ask that why NAV of this fund is not available after April 2011 ,
 so please note that JM Small and Mid-Cap Fund is launch in 2007 and after that NAV of fund is fall badly when it reach below 5 and asset size reach near 25 cr  than management of fund decided to merge it with other performing fund
so now it is merged with JM Multi Strategy Fund. with 2 April 2011.
and my view is also negative for JM Multi Strategy Fund.
key words:- NAV of JM Multi Strategy Fund
NAV of JM Small and Mid-Cap Fund in December 2011 January 2012

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Icici direct now launch target investment plan (TIP) i think this is much better than systematic investment plan (SIP) so i give a funny name to TIP that SIP ka bap ( means father of SIP).
What is TIP
TIP means targeted investment plan
This is a automatic monthly investment which allow you set your returns and goal.
Automatic system auto calculate each month investment amount it is lower when market is high and higher when market is low.
Target investment plan returns always higher then systematic investment plans.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Goldman Sachs bank bees ETF

1. In ETF I always like index base ETF because they are more transparent and easy to track pricing and volume in index ETF is also higher than other ETF.
2. So in banking sector , I think we may avoid banking stocks at least 2 year read detail article on banking stocks in this link
3. But if you are plan to investing in a SIP method than my choice is Goldman Sachs bank bees ETF which is a mixture of 12 top PSU and private banks like SBI , ICICI , HDFC , PNB , OBC, KOTAK MAHINDRA etc.
4. Each unit of GS Bank BeES is approximately 1/10th of the CNX Bank Index ( also known as bank nifty in market ) means when you buy one unit in GS Bank BeES your investment is included in all of these’s bank stock which is part of CNX bank index
5. See this link for composition of CNX bank index ( bank nifty)
6. ISIN code for bank bees is INF732E01078
7. I advise you to read book ETFs and Indexing for understanding that why I recommended ETF Download your free copy of e- book on ETF name “ETFs and Indexing” from these links
Part one
Part two
8. On more interesting thing that you also get dividends if you hold units of benchmark ETF; s.
9. I have no any unit of bank bees.

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Saturday, March 19, 2011


1. Motilal oswal launch a new ETF name MOSt SHARES NASDAQ 100
2. MOSt SHARES NASDAQ 100 is India first US shares base ETF.
3. So now you can invest and trade in US companies through this ETF in Indian rupee.
4. NFO of MOSt SHARES NASDAQ 100 is open at 16 march 2011 and closed on 23 March 2011
5. this ETF trade in Indian market base on real time NAV during market hours so You can now access US stocks like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Intel, Dell, Starbucks, Yahoo and many more that are part of NASDAQ-100.
6. So my view is positive for MOSt SHARES NASDAQ 100.
HOW NAV OF MOSt SHARES NASDAQ 100 CALCULATED:- Now I explain how NAV of this ETF calculated suppose value of nasdaq 100 index is 2200 and exchange rate 1USD=45 Indian rupee so they multiply value of nasdaq100 and exchange rate 2200x45=99000 then divided it from 1000 to 99000/1000=99 is NAV of ETF.
8. This is not an investment advice contact your financial adviser and read risk factors in prospectus of this scheme .

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Hi Maheshji,
I would like to know, which Mutual Fund I should go after if m7y plan is for long term say >10 years. Should I go for dividend option in this case? My plan is to invest in SIP. Could you please guide me in choosing the right mutual fund for long term?
Thank You.

1. In my view dividend option is always good then growth option because when you receive dividends then it means partially profit booking of your portfolio and I think you knew that profit booking is not a bad thing in share market.
2. secondly I think it is good to go with market leader fund like HDFC TOP 200 but do not accept return more than 15 % in this case.
3. if you want some higher return like 35%+ then you may take some risk and make a SIP in INFRA BEES and book all portfolio on 35% return then shift your money in BANK BEES because I think in coming 2 year infra sector will perform in ascending order and baking sector down is descending order due to market cycle.
4. Point 3 is not sure it is based on past market performance of various sectors.
5. So make your own decision.
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Saturday, February 12, 2011


When NFO of reliance infrastructure fund is come in 2009 then I advice my investors that infra share may show downtrend for 2-3 year so avoid this NFO and I will remember you on this blog when price of this fund go below 10.

One investor make a very bitter comment on this article (comment is deleted due to illegal words).now reliance infrastructure fund NAV is go down below 10 (now it is 8.81 )and in last 2 year (since nfo) your return is negative in this fund but
I think this is the right time to make a SIP in this fund for 2 year and I think after 2 year this fund may give a decent return in your SIP.


These are the top holdings of reliance infrastructure fund:-

Era Infra Engineering Ltd

State Bank of India

Oil & Natural Gas Corpn Ltd

Infrastructure Development Finance Co. Ltd

Reliance Infrastructure Ltd.


JaiPrakash Associates Ltd.

Hindustan Construction Company Ltd

Sterlite Industries (India) Ltd

NTPC Limited.

Mundra Port & Special Economic Zone Ltd

Jindal Saw Ltd.

Larsen & Toubro Limited

Jayaswal Neco Industries Ltd.

Gas Authority Of India Ltd

Nagarjuna Construction Company Ltd

Shobha Developers

SPML Infra Limited

Disclaimer: - mutual fund investment is subject to market risk, author is not registered mutual fund adviser so take your own decision and I have no any unit of this fund. Read detail disclaimer on this blog.

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