Sunday, May 4, 2014

Birla Sun Life Infrastructure Fund @NAV 12.030

1.Birla Sun Life Infrastructure Fund is rated no# 1 infrastructure fund by Crisil. 
2.In my view under-performance of infrastructure sector provide us a opportunity to get multiple returns when infra sector is start performing again. 
3.India is still a developing country so no one ignore infrastructure companies performance in coming 5 years. 
4.Currant NAV of Birla Sun Life Infrastructure Fund Dividend plan is 12.030. 
5.I prefer a 1000 rupee per month SIP for 60 months in Birla Sun Life Infrastructure Fund Dividend plan because i always like dividend option in mutual fund because if a fund pay dividend then Dividends is give us our partial tax free profit booking. 
6.In my view in a new central government we enjoy infrastructure sector bull run and get tax free Dividends on our holding in this Crisil rank#1 infra mutual fund. 
7.I am hold INFRABEES in my personals holding.

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