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Swing Trading in Mutual Funds and Best Index Funds to Swing Trade : Mahesh Kaushik

My Followers often ask "Can I swing trade in mutual funds?" 
Today in this post I will show you how you swing trade in mutual funds. 
First of all, we need to choose some best mutual funds for swing trading. 
Mahesh Kaushik Mutual Fund 
Index Funds:- Index funds are low-cost mutual funds which constitutions are the same as underlaying index constitutions. 
For our swing trading, we choose Index funds direct plans with growth options. 
We need index funds with the 0% exit load.
Because of zero percent exit load when we book profit no exit load will be deducted.
This blog post will provide an Excel sheet with 21 various sectors index funds that charge 0% exit load. 
How to swing trade in mutual funds:- I categorized these 21 funds into 3 categories each category has 7-7 funds. 
We buy thrice in a month.
First, buy on the 6th day of every month, Second buy on the 16th, and third buy on the 26th day of the month.
So every buy has 10-10 days gap. 
Every month, buy 1-1-1 funds from each category on fixed dates of 6,16, and 26 ( if the market is closed on these dates, consider the next day for buying).
Every category has 7-7-7 funds so every month we choose new funds in each category. 
Target:- Simply wait for 5 percent + profit when your fund gives you 5%+ profit then sell it and book profit without exit load.
Average and Rebuy:- Every category has 7-7-7 funds so every fund's rotation comes after 7 months.
If in 7 months you not got 5% profit then it will be average out or if you already booked profit it will be repurchased. 
Kindly watch my YouTube video for full understanding and practical examples of this method:- 

Link of Download Excel Sheet:- 
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