Tuesday, October 8, 2019

How to Select Best Indian Mutual Fund or Best Indian ELSS (Updated Method)

When you want to invest in a mutual fund or ELSS, you may be confused about which fund is best for investment?
Because there are too many fund houses and too many mutual fund and ELSS schemes, so a small investor easily confuses in fund selection.
What is the difference between the mutual fund and ELSS?:- Before we continue, first of all, I want to tell you the difference between mutual fund and ELSS. 
I think knowledge of this difference is necessary for new investors. When you invest in a mutual fund, you do not get any income tax benefits. ELSS is also a mutual fund, but investments in ELSS units are eligible for section 80 C income tax rebate.
So if you want to invest for section 80C rebate, then you need to select ELSS. Otherwise, an open-ended mutual fund is the right selection for you.
Best Criteria For Mutual Fund / ELSS Selection:- 
As I described earlier, AUM means Asset Under Management is the best criterion to choose a mutual fund, new readers, please visit this link to find out why I say " Size of AUM is best criteria to choose a mutual fund."
Because if you invest in the most significant AUM funds, then the fund manager has more flexibility, and your units participate in the most extensive sized portfolio.
Let,s start how we select best mutual fund using moneycontrol site
first of all open moneycontrol.com in your browser and go to == Mutual funds == Mutual fund screener as shown by red color in this picture:-

Now you see some filters like fund house, fund category, fund rank and ratios, fund parameters and investment parameters.
 First of all click on fund house and leave them at it is because if any fund house scheme passes our criteria's we choose that scheme for investment.
 This whole process is shown like this picture:-

Now click on the next filter "fund category" if you want to select a mutual fund scheme except ELSS, then remove the arrow from the ELSS box, and if you're going to choose ELSS, then remove the arrow from all boxes except ELSS. :-
In fund rank and ratioswe want to invest our hard-earned money only in five and four-star ranking funds. This ranking is given my Crisil. So it is wise to choose only 5 stars and 4-star funds as shown in this picture:-
Now as a final step click on Fund Parameters and choose " Show funds AUM higher than 10000 crore rupees:-

When you click on the apply filter you get your desired scheme name, watch this video where I run this process and got scheme names:-

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