Thursday, October 21, 2010


Hi Maheshji what is your view on investing in Public Sector based mutual funds? Which one of them is good Religare, SBI, Sundaram or bank of baroda MF on PSU thanks Pattabhi

I think in this time when a mob of Indian PSU IPO is coming in market all PSU is traded on higher valuations banks are already traded on his all time highs.
so I think when mob of PSU IPO is cool down (in 6 months to 2 year) then PSU funds is not perform well
it is the style of market when any sector IPO is comes market player make rumeros on this sector , so I think in this time look a telecom or infrastructure fund for long term investing
because infrastructure sectors is near his all time low so in 2-3 year all of infrastructure funds double to triple from here
this is my personal view only not and advice, I already holds 41 unit of INFRASTRUCTURE BENCHMARK EXCHANGE TRADED SCHEME (Infra BeES) so this is my discloser also. I have no any unit of PSU funds.

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